About me

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Melie. I'm an full-time working engineer and mother of two young and bright girls.  I like everything that implies optics, or should I say: everything that lighten up.

As you surely noted, we're a french speaking family.  When I started this blog, I went for a french blog as could find no blog that was french, aimed at STEM/Montessori/Simple activities for toddlers and preschoolers.  So, here I go.   

I am blessed to have a dancing family.  Everyone dance at least once a day, single, couple and even group dance!  I love reading and even though my girls are young, we often find them on the sofa, with books on their lap.

I love crafting with and for my girls, even though I have no formation in art.  I often say "It was such a good idea... on paper!" as my girls always find an unpredicted way to do the activity.  

This is a place where you will find our projects.  We'll see where it'll go.  We sure will enjoy the journey.

In fact, the main goal is to have fun with them and to help the girls to become aware of the world!


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